No Tie Aprons add Homespun to the Collection

I do love homespun. It is the very best fabric for messy chores. It is very lightweight, it dries well when wiped with wet hands, or used to swipe a counter top, or wipe a muddy potato. It washes up well, dries nicely and seems to get softer with age. It never minds mud or dirt and always looks wonderfully vintage and appropriate for housework.


We have made Gathered Bib Aprons for years. They are steady sellers.

Vermont Apron Company Gathered Bib APron

But our No Tie Aprons have gained in popularity and in doing so, we have had multiple requests for them to be expanded beyond the pretty cotton prints and into homespun.


Plus Size No Tie Black Homespun 4

It makes sense to have the most comfortable working style made from the most work friendly fabric.


Plus Size No Tie Olive Homespun 4

We work hard in the home.  And Aprons are the layer of clothing that relate to the work we do. Sometimes we want to look pretty in prints and other times we need the really hard working fabric.  Aprons need to come in options.


  1 comment for “No Tie Aprons add Homespun to the Collection

  1. Jenny
    June 8, 2016 at 6:14 pm

    I have narrow shoulders 17 inches across. What would you suggest?

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