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Seedlings hardening off on day 3

Gardening Update

I am excited that the Alpine Strawberries have germinated. If you squint your eyes, and look closely at the soil next to the already germinated Daisies, you can see tiny little tiny green buds peeking through. Those are the Alpine Strawberries. I have never had success with them before so this is fun. My Peonies have buds and now the…

Comfortable Plus Size Aprons

Here is our Comfortable Plus Size Prairie Bib Apron, it is for true plus size, fitting up to size 32. Below is the traditional back view. But without a doubt, the most comfortable apron is the one that hangs from the shoulders and does not tie behind your neck. Not that those are uncomfortable but the aprons that are the …

Heirloom Tomato Seedlings

Gardening Series # 6 Care of Growing Seedlings

  Your seedlings will have been growing under the lights and you will have been watering them each day, maintaining an even amount of moisture. But once your seedlings look like this, they need bigger containers. They need to spread out and develop their root systems.  Because different plants develop at different rates, seedlings will be ready at different times.…


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