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Lemon Comstock Cake

A two ingredient dessert? Really? My ancestral frugal, make-due-with-what-you-have grandmothers would have loved this! But then there was the next generation of cooks, those iconic 1950’s women who worked to win baking contests and outdo the neighbors. Then there’s my generation, women who gave themselves permission to go buy a cake from a large food chain….and today we buy them…

Dog Mountain

One of the magical places I know is Dog Mountain. Home of Stephan Huneck’s Gallery and dog park. The mountain is devoted to dogs. Not a park for people where the theme is dogs. It is FOR dogs….but people can come, too. The signs in the ponds clearly state, Dog swimming only. There are tennis balls everywhere. People may throw…

Art in the Garden

I grew up amongst gardeners who grew plants for either food or cutting for indoor flower vases. What I never saw growing up was anyone who grew a garden for its artistic qualities. Although, when you love gardens, any garden has artistic qualities. There are gardeners out there that go that extra mile and amaze me.  I am planning some…


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