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Dark PInk Cosmos

Three Cosmos

The first time I planted a vegetable garden, I couldn’t resist adding flowers for cutting. I knew nothing about growing flowers but was enthusiastic about having bouquets of cut flowers all season long to decorate my home. I saw a photo of Cosmos and added it to my seed list. Although started indoors months in advance, the effort turned out…

Peony Bud with ants marching

Ants and Peonies

Peonies and Ants have a long standing relationship. I have no idea how it started or how deep their love goes, but rarely are a Peonies’ buds without their partner, the ant.   Some say that the Peony bud can’t open without the ant. Others say that isn’t true. All sorts of theories exist for untold hours of reading, that…

Making the right cut.

Just because a design works for one fabric doesn’t mean it will work for another.  I made a pattern that I want to make in denim. The denim is a bit heavier then quilting cotton.This means that ruffles and elastic gathers work differently. This means that I will be sent completely back to the drawing board to craft a new pattern. I am…

Making a new Denim Apron.

It occurs to me that if I can make this Apron with 45″ wide fabric, then 60″ should allow me to achieve something with a more dramatic flounce, longer skirt and with any hope, additional awesomeness.   Making it from denim means that the ruffled top will not ruffle as delicately as I would want from a 6 ounce fabric.…


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