Art in the Garden

I grew up amongst gardeners who grew plants for either food or cutting for indoor flower vases. What I never saw growing up was anyone who grew a garden for its artistic qualities. Although, when you love gardens, any garden has artistic qualities. There are gardeners out there that go that extra mile and amaze me.  I am planning some field trips to explore and hopefully learn how to make my garden prettier.

I have a few mini statues that sit in my garden. They are my starting point. Although not very impressive, most starting points are not.

Art in the garden -pig

My Little Pig Statue that a dear friend gave me, sits near my front door.

Art in the garden- girl


This is my favorite. I have never been able to grow Gladiolas. I placed her in front of them hoping she would bring good luck, so far it’s working.

Art in the garden -birdhouse

This is my Wrought Iron Bird House that I bought at a craft show from a really cool hippie looking man who makes things from junk in his barn. I think its near 20 years old now.

Art in the garden- Face

This is taken in my Mother’s Bird Sanctuary Garden. Well, its a clump of cedar trees near her house where most birds in the area now live. That may or may not be an exaggeration.. It is her shade garden.

Art in the garden -Bear

Mom also has this fun bear on a tire swing.

Art in the garden-Cady falls nursery

This is Cady Falls Nursery, here in Vermont. They are a gorgeous example of Art in the Garden. I love the woman curled up on the rock wall.

Art in the garden - Crane

Here is a Crane in the water garden, also from Cady Falls Nursery. I have an upcoming post specific to my trip to their place. In the meantime, they have inspired me to reposition my Pig and Little Girl with more attention.




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