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Shopping Trends

How are people shopping? That is a question we study and watch for answers. And it’s pretty interesting as it is a changing, morphing moving target at all times. It’s like watching a group of people from a distance and asking yourself, what are they doing now? What are they about to do? And then we try to guess and…

Roots Too Farm

I love taking pictures on a farm. I love the outdoors, the plants, the sky and the buildings. It’s all so rich with textures and patterns and life growing under the sun. It’s such a playground of photographic backdrops.     Today we had the pleasure of shooting at Roots Too Farm. Somehow the weather was perfect. Great big full sun held…

Plus Size Women

I love them. I do. Not only am I one, but the entire process of designing for plus size challenges me and quite frankly, challenges are so satisfying and so much fun! I am well aware that there is a grading system for enlarging patterns. I should design for a lovely size 8 and then grade up.  I will not…


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