Children’s Aprons at Vermont Apron Company

Children’s Aprons are Here! Because people have requested…a lot…all the time…we are offering Children’s Aprons once again. We have begun the collection with two styles; our Ruffled Gathering Apron and our No Ties Apron. Both are being offered in Navy and Black  Denim.     Let me add a caveat. I know that people want cute and adorable for their kids. I don’t really do…

Shopping Trends

How are people shopping? That is a question we study and watch for answers. And it’s pretty interesting as it is a changing, morphing moving target at all times. It’s like watching a group of people from a distance and asking yourself, what are they doing now? What are they about to do? And then we try to guess and…

Men in Aprons

When we had the retail store, Wesley, our favorite mannequin had his own corner of the store. He stood over both print and homespun aprons and a big basket of matching chef hats. He alone generated 35% of our total sales.  But then we went to online only, we found that our website sells one apron for men, the Barn Apron….period…nothing else.…


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