Dark PInk Cosmos

Three Cosmos

The first time I planted a vegetable garden, I couldn’t resist adding flowers for cutting. I knew nothing about growing flowers but was enthusiastic about having bouquets of cut flowers all season long to decorate my home. I saw a photo of Cosmos and added it to my seed list. Although started indoors months in advance, the effort turned out…

Peony Bud with ants marching

Ants and Peonies

Peonies and Ants have a long standing relationship. I have no idea how it started or how deep their love goes, but rarely are a Peonies’ buds without their partner, the ant.   Some say that the Peony bud can’t open without the ant. Others say that isn’t true. All sorts of theories exist for untold hours of reading, that…

Summer Clothing

These are my summer feet. These are my very happy, contented summer feet. Oh sure, I still wear a skirt in the summer, I dodge in and out of the house, in and out of the garden and filthy feet means I have had a great day doing things I love. It means I have spent hours in the dirt,…

Life in the Garden

I like to think that my plants live or die because of my care. That is a fairly egotistical view. In fact other forces must exist. Things mysteriously happen in a garden. Take Bill’s wisdom for instance, I asked him once how I would know when I was a gardener? What is the measure or mark that would declare me…


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