Introducing Our new A-Line Apron

We have taken our popular No Ties Cross Back Apron and taken it further to create a new design to offer you. We introduce our new A-Line Apron. It is offered in all of our 9 sizes and 4 length choices.

This is what we changed to bring you an additional Crossback No Ties design…

We took the skirt and widened the hem and then gathered the waistline to create more of a bit of a 1950’s skirt shape.  Not everyone is comfortable with a gathered front so we left it flat, smooth and flattering.

Denim No Tie Crossback apron provides comfort and coverage for your work int he kitchen.

To retain the cute A-line shape when applying pockets, we added inseam pockets, allowing you a big pocket but protecting the shape as well. The top is shaped as our No Ties Aprons are but we changed the back straps. Instead of using the same print for a wide back strap, we added twill ties with hardware that allow you to adjust their length.

Adjustable straps allow a perfect fit. FInd the right length for your shoulder straps and then tie the waist ties for your comfort.

The skirt’s back retains the cute flouncy A-Line shape as it is in the front of the apron. The top of the waist ruffles and hides the hardware of the straps. What you do see is the slider on the strap that allows for length adjustment.

Canvas in pretty teal floral looks adorable in the kitchen cooking and baking. Spring colors are fresh and pretty.

We offer this style in black and navy denim, plain canvas and 2 styles of printed canvas. The pink  floral canvas is very feminine looking with bright pink ties.


Our Canvas NO Tie Crossback Apron looks adorable in pink floral with hot pink ties and adjustable shoulder straps.

The plain canvas version is offered with black twill ties for a more refined classic look. This would look really nice in the long version.

And yes, we still offer our traditional No Tie Crossback Aprons but now we offer you a more refined version in a much heavier fabric choice.

I hope you check them out.






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