2 Ingredient Chocolate Torte

I discovered that 2 ingredient recipes are not always simple to make. The term, Two ingredients, does not mean; quick to make, time saving, or any other term. It only refers to the fact that there are only 2 ingredients.  The amount of labor has its own meaning.

I printed out this recipe from Kirby’s Cravings, a great food blog with lots of recipes worth trying. I was still on my run of Two Ingredient Recipes and the Flourless Chocolate Torte couldn’t be passed up, at least by me.

Two Ingredient Chocolate Flourless Torte only requires 4 eggs and 8 1/2 ounces of Nutella.


ingredients for torte

It also requires a spring form pan. I doubled the recipe’s ingredients to 8 eggs and 17 ounces of Nutella as my springform was twice what the recipe stated. It will need to be buttered well and then lined with wax paper. Be generous as this batter will stick like glue.


grease and line pan

Each ingredient must be prepared correctly. The eggs need to be placed into the bowl of the standing mixer. Beat on high for six minutes. The eggs should looked tripled in size.


eggs for whipping

The Nutella needs to be weighed. Luckily I own a postal scale.


Flourless cake About the Nutella


Once it is weighed, heat it in a microwave to warm.  Don’t heat it too much or it’s heat will cook the eggs when mixed together. You want it warm enough to make it easier for mixing.


Flourless Cake About the mixing

Once you have a bowl of warm Nutella and a bowl of enormously fluffy eggs, it’s time for mixing. The trick is too mix them together without losing the air in the eggs. I added a cup of egg at a time, gently folding as I went, making sure it was mixed thoroughly as I went.


Flourless Cake More Mixing


Once it is mixed, you will see the air bubbles still in there. Pout into the prepared pan and bake at 350 degrees. Since I had doubled the recipe 35 minutes.


Flourless Cake, about the air bubbles copy

I couldn’t wait to taste it so there is a piece missing. I forgot to take a picture before I stole a piece.


Chocolate Flourless Torte

It was Yum! This served warm with ice cream or whipped cream would be even more awesome.

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