Let us dress you for work.You can have an Apron that fits great. We have multiple sizes and lengths. You look pretty while cooking, gardening, cleaning, gathering eggs and tending children. Aprons come in all sorts of styles for all sorts of work.

Kerchief navy denim 3

Roots Too Farm

I love taking pictures on a farm. I love the outdoors, the plants, the sky and the buildings. It’s all so rich with textures and patterns and life growing under the sun. It’s such a playground of photographic backdrops.     Today we had the pleasure of shooting at Roots Too Farm. Somehow the weather was perfect. Great big full sun held…

Hippy Apron by The Vermont Apron Company

Plus Size Women

I love them. I do. Not only am I one, but the entire process of designing for plus size challenges me and quite frankly, challenges are so satisfying and so much fun! I am well aware that there is a grading system for enlarging patterns. I should design for a lovely size 8 and then grade up.  I will not…

Barn Apron in Blue Denim 4

Men in Aprons

When we had the retail store, Wesley, our favorite mannequin had his own corner of the store. He stood over both print and homespun aprons and a big basket of matching chef hats. He alone generated 35% of our total sales.  But then we went to online only, we found that our website sells one apron for men, the Barn Apron….period…nothing else.…

Red Ruffled small

Ruffles and Dirt

Ruffles are a part of fashion and dirt is where many of us live. Aprons are simply the layer of clothing that relate to the work we are doing. Ruffles may be typically considered a piece of prettiness on a garment but we found a utility purpose as well. Apron testing has shown us that ruffles have a working purpose.…


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