Margarita Blyumkina and her quilt work

I have struggled with my perception of quilt making. I was introduced to them as an adult. I browsed pattern books, looked over the shoulders of friends who took quilt classes and learned that there were particular ways to make particular quilt patterns. Surprisingly I did not dive in, even with a lifetime of sewing in my background. I have never been good at rules or following working models. I have always been more of an experimenter. Those quilt makers whom I admire are the free thinkers, the ones who have no pattern, no plan, no boundaries. Those who fascinate me are the free form quilters, they work instinctively. This cannot be taught. This is not a lesson learned from a color wheel. It can be encouraged and inspired. The people who stand at a cutting table and mix scraps from old clothes and fabrics new and old are my quilt heroes.

Historically, that is how quilts came to be, fabric scraps and old clothes were cut up and pieced together. My grandparents did this. Nothing was thrown out, if not remade into a smaller size garments, its tinier pieces were made into a quilt. How these people work and think inspires me.

Recently, I went to a library to research genealogy. I entered to find them hanging a quilt exhibit. It looked like enthusiastic work by someone who followed her own path. I was fortunate enough to meet the artist and speak with her about her process. She works by instinct. I could see that in her quilts. She works with what fabric that lays on her table whether be vintage clothes cut up, vintage fabric, or new. It is all opportunities to her. She pieces fabric together by her eye only. These are the quilters I admire.


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If you live near Marblehead, Massachusettes, I hope you go see her work. Her work is displayed at The Abbot Public Library at 235 Pleasant Street, Marble head, Mass. 01945 781-631-1481

Here is a link to the Abbot Library website page regarding the amazing work of Margarita. She inspires me. Quilt show by Margarita Blyumkina


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