The Vermont Flower Farm-The Daylilies.


Here is my stunned face as I look over the Day lilies. Who knew there were so many kinds? Clearly I should have done more research before coming here.




I looked out over the first Daylily Garden and felt overwhelmed. I have never seen so many flowers in bloom in one place. Where does one start? How do you describe this?



I stepped out into the middle of the first garden and stood in awe. All I could think was that I wanted my own yard to look like this.



Thankfully George joined me. Such a Gentleman and wonderful tour guide. He answered all my questions.




Did you know that Day lilies are perennials? That means they bloom for a specific time but multiply every year.




The Day lilies come in so many colors. You can find one for any color scheme you have in your yard. And remember that they come up again each year!




Some colors were very delicate and looked like butterflies on top of long sleek stems.




Other Daylilies were very bold and made loud statements in the garden.




This was my favorite, It had lots of green with dainty pink blossoms on top. I was reminded of Ballet dancers and their shoes.




When you put them together, it is nothing short of stunning.




And walking through The Vermont Flower Farm Gardens made my whole summer. George created a wonderful place to tour and take in garden ideas.





George was very sweet and after our tour, he let me drive around in his cart. Don’t get ideas, he doesn’t let everyone drive around in his cart.


Warm Regards,


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