The Evolution of Length and Simplification

“I need a longer apron, I need to feel covered.” This was a common request in the beginning of our business and we responded by making very long skirts for our aprons. Our very first aprons had skirts that fell 30″ long. If you were a cook that passionately embraced your work and wanted no worry about the clothes under your apron, we kept you covered.

Although we never received a request for a shorter skirt, we did receive many requests for lengths adjusted for petite women. As we strove to cover all body types, our customers were very good at letting us know what we needed to make. And once we entered the world of No Ties Aprons, the requests for length choices became more intense.

“I’m 5’2″. I just need it a few inches shorter so it won’t be near my ankles.” This request came in enough that we added a length option of 3″ shorter.

Then came the tall people. “I am 5’10”, can I add 6″?” Yes, we replied. and we added the option of 6″ longer.

As time passed, our standard 42″ long No Ties Apron, became muddled within a number of length options and after a while, the option wasn’t as streamlined as we would like. The length option was wonderful to offer but began to look like a math equation when choosing for your own needs.

Time to simplify. This takes a bit of cautious courage. No one is complaining about the math involved. No one is complaining at all. But seeing a better solution, we are going to try it.

Taking our most common requested lengths, we are going to offer the 4 lengths that everyone chooses. Those are 32″, 36″, 42″ and 48″. Offering a drop down menu with the stated measurement, I hope, simplifies length for everyone.

We have now changed every length option menu on the website.  We hope it is a better solution for everyone. If the change is not well received, we will change accordingly.

Now when you purchase a No Ties Apron, you can choose 32″ long which falls at the top of the thigh. Or you can choose the 36″ long which generally falls a few inches above the knee. The 42″ length falls just below the knee and 48″ length falls mid calf. Best practice is to measure yourself and see where each length lands on you and choose accordingly. I think this will meet everyone’s needs as you have 4 length options that allow you to choose according to your height and needs.

And please let us know your thoughts.

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