Floral Prints for Aprons

No matter how much I love large graphic prints, our packages that head out into the world are filled with pretty florals. So pretty floral prints are what we seek when choosing new fabrics. And I have to admit, they keep me content. They bring the garden indoors, and in the winter keep us tightly bonded with the memories of summer.

Tiny red roses in a clean print, head the parade of favorite floral prints. We have managed to find an assortment of choices.


The colorful feedsack reproduction prints come in second place. I am told there is a comfort in having an apron that looks like Grandmother’s, it brings a sense of home and love with it.



Large prints of garden flowers remain a favorite year after year. I think Florals nurture our soul somehow. Large busy prints can takeover a room and carry a bold statement.


Toiles are simply a classic print that never seem to diminish with time. They remain at home on the back of a kitchen door and keep the hope of spring close at hand.


When Holiday season arrives, Apron wearers want an apron that reflects the uniqueness of the holiday. Even while doing chores as winter creeps in, we look towards the coming celebrations and endeavor to embrace their activities. The metallic prints come to the rescue and cover us in a celebratory floral adding a bit of spark to the look.


The metallic and deep reds of Holidays hold their place in uniformed kitchens while holiday baking fills our days but once spring approaches, we dive back into pretty, bright and bold flowers that wrap us up in delicate colors.

blue-floral-no-tie-apron-by-the-vermont-apron-company-13-copy Sometimes we combine floral prints in one apron and give it a clean ecru edging. I love the look of complimentary pockets.


Sometimes we find the perfect edging like this Chicken print. I admit this is my fall favorite. The Chickens have officially won my heart for this Fall 2016.


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