Day Lilies make a great Garden Border

I wanted to make a wonderfully creative amazing fence for my garden. I planned to make it out of twigs and found architectural pieces. I do aim high, don’t I? I decided that the amazing fence I would build would be framed with a day lily bed. My yard has orange day lilies and they do multiple quite easily. So I started my plan where I could, not having time for the amazing fence just yet.

Day lily garden border

I divided day lilies and planted one every foot or so around my garden edge. My thought was that the day lilies would multiple over the next few years while I build my amazing fence. That hasn’t happened yet but the Day lilies have multiplied and filled in very nicely.

Daylily Border

The fence will come when I have spare time. In the meantime, I expect a great lily display this year and it’s only year three. And they have made a wonderful border separating grass from soil.

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