Recycling Olivia’s Organics Containers

I am not a hoarder per se. But I do come form a long line of old northern Yankees. Making do, reusing and “don’t throw it away” are not a new terms for me but ingrained into my personality. I innately look for connections, I love to create circles of things and rebirths of items that redefine their use. That and I hate shopping.

Regarding the subject of gardening; It bugs me to need new seed trays. A plastic tray that costs a couple bucks and will wear out after a few uses annoys me. In comes Olivia’s Organic Spinach. What wonderful containers they chose for the delicious food they grow. Obviously they care about their product to provide such great containers. They are the perfect solution to new seeds.

Olivia's Organics Container copy

They come with their own attached cover. The container is deeper than typical seed trays.

Olivia's Organics Container filled with soil copy

This feature provides the perfect setting for developing awesome root systems.

Olivia's Organics Container filled with soil showing depth.

And they last…well, mine are at 4 years now and look as good as new. They also stack beautifully. Wash them, stack them, and put them away for next year.


Thank you Olivia’s Organics for your delicious healthy food and your awesome containers!


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