Personalities of Our Gathering Aprons

Spring is upon us, soon to blanket us in warmth, sun and the sound of chirping birds. New plants will peek up their heads as well as enthusiastically sprawling weeds. Without looking at a calendar, I know it nears as the mark for me is that Gathering Aprons start heading out the door in growing numbers amongst increased inquiries about their individual personalities. Answering a few more this morning, I thought it would make a perfectly timed post.

The question most commonly asked is “Which Gathering Apron do I want to order?”


Fabrics….Homespun vs. Denim Gathering Aprons


Gathering Aprons in Brown Stripe Homespun by The Vermont Apron Company


The differences are that homespun is extremely absorbent, if you using a Gathering Apron to gather things that are wet and muddy, the homespun is the very same fabric used for dishtowels and it will help to absorbe rather than reflect the moisture. It is very strong to carry things yet lightweight enough to wear so it is not adding to the weight of the contents. It takes washing very well even after being left out in the rain and mud for days. It will also scrunch up smaller then the denims to stuff into a bag or pocket.

 Gathering Aprons in Blue Denim by The Vermont Apron Company

The denim are not as heavy as a the denims used to make a pair of jeans, as they would never gather if they were. But it is a real denim that is just a bit more lightweight. It is very strong and harder to puncture through should you be carrying thorny things. You can even carry rocks in this apron. The fabric is tough enough not to wear a hole over time. Although if you are choosing to do that, I would suggest the Gathering Apron with the bib top as that will help to distribute the weight more comfortable across your shoulders and waist.



Gathering Aprons…..Ruffled, Drawstring Bag and Drawstring bag with Bib Top.

Gathering Aprons in Red Homespun by The Vermont Apron Company

The Ruffled Gathering Aprons are not a bag shape. It is a standard half apron with a continuous front pocket that is gathered to create a large expandable pocket area. The pockets are ruffled to help eliminate the chance of contents falling out. It also has three sections. You can fill each section to its capacity. You empty it by either removing the items by hand or taking the apron off and spilling out the contents onto a table.  It comes in either homespun or denim, depending on the strenth you need. Denim is stronger and will take more of a beating, homespun is absorbent and lighter weight. The waistband is an inch wide with long ties to tie in front or back.

Gathering Aprons in Blue Stripe Homespun by The Vermont Apron Company

Our Drawstring Gathering Aprons are an actual bag gathered into a wide waistband. This design created a number of ways to wear it. It will hold up to a grocery bag worth of goods. You can walk hand free, letting your body carry the goods into the kitchen. Once inside you can untie the drawstring and without removing the apron, spill out the contents onto a table. You can then tie it back up and head out for more. You have multiple options for tieing, which allows a style that will suit what you are collecting from large items to small, flat or bulky. The waistband is wide to assist in the weight of product to balance nicely around you instead of cutting into the waist.

Gathering Aprons with bib top for heavy loads

Our Drawstring Gathering Aprons with a Bib Top are the same as above but with a bib top specifically to assist in the distribution of weight.

Gathering Aprons with Bib Top by The Vermont Apron Company

For those who are collecting potatoes, squash, etc. the bib top will allow the weight to be shared on your shoulders as well as your waist to create a comfortable balance. We only offer this in denim as the very need for this option is utility so we offer it in our strongest fabric. The back straps have two opening through which to slide the ties, offering you two lengths for the best fit.


I hope that helps in distinquishing our family of designs that we entitled our Gathering Aprons.

Thank you for all the inquiries!


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