The Gathering Bag Apron

Our most popular springtime Apron remains to be the Gathering Bag Apron. It’s as simple as having a bag strapped to you,  you stay hands free, to pick, to weed, to harvest. You don’t have to work your way around the garden and then realize that the basket got left way back at the end of the row. Keep your container with you, made from a fabric that takes abuse from dirt, and even mud will wash out nicely and opens up to spill out your loot.

Gathering Bag Apron in Homespun


We always know when the garden season has started for our customers, the gathering bag suddenly awakens from slumbering winter sales and blossoms once again into our favorite Apron.


Gathering Bag Apron gathered up liek a bag

Here it is in its semi closed bag form.Adjust the drawstring to however opened you want the bag. Picking peas? Picking flowers? It will adjust to your needs nicely.

Harvest Bag Apron opened bag

Here it is in an Open Bag form.You can tie it up to the center loop and it makes two nice open pouches.

Gathering Bag Apron ready to empty

Open it up completely to spill out your harvest onto the table for cooking and processing.

Gathering Bag Apron with bib top for heavy loads


At customer request, we added a bib option last year for those who gather heavy loads. We agree, it you are lugging 40 pounds of rhubard, or just picked 35 pounds of potatoes, the apron may pull a bit on your waist. The bib prevents that. You can set out for some serious harvesting with the bib top.

Harvesting veggies

The Gathering Bag Apron makes harvesting for the evening meal easier.  We only make it from homespun and denim, no pretty prints, just work fabrics that won’t wimp out on you. It is an Apron that makes your life easier and does it’s job every time you need it.


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