The Vermont Flower Farm’s Hosta Garden

I had the good fortune to interview George Africa at the Vermont Flower Farm. I was excited to learn about Dalylilies and Hostas as I did not know that much about them.The Vermont Flower Farm has a beautiful Hosta Garden. I began there and was surprisingly overwhelmed. They were larger than I anticipated and my timing was perfect as they were all starting to flower.




I thought to start down the path. I was impressed with the layout of the garden. And I had no idea so many types of Hosta plants were in existence. George came along. I was so relieved. He was wonderful explaining the different plants to me.


George Africa- The Vermont Flower Farm


Did you know that perennials multiply? Buying one plant means you will have more than that in a few years!  I have always been very cost efficient.


George Africa The Vermont Flower Farm


George was very good about answering my questions. I cant tell you how helpful it is to have someone that can teach you about the plants.




We hit it off famously. He is a wonderful man filled with information. Did you know that even after they flower, the gorgeous leaves remain for the rest of the season? Also good to know that they multiply year after year.  You can dig out a clump for a gift for a friend. It’s a wonderful plant for planting sharing. And Hosta is a great choice for shady area, they thrive there,




At one point I rested under a tree to gaze upon the Hosta garden. It is quite beautiful and I was impressed that George designed it all himself.





How many kinds of Hostas are there? You will have to come and ask George yourself. Lime green, dark green, big leaves, small, and all with bell shaped flowers when in bloom. How else do you create such loveliness in a shady area? I know not.

Peeking through the trees I spotted the Daylilies. They called to me and although I hated to leave the tranquiltity of the lovelyness of the Hosta Garden, color and playfulness becones me. I am off to meet the Daylillies.  Part 2 tomorrow


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