Vivi’s Allotment Garden

I gave up on TV and Cable when my favorite gardening shows were canceled and nothing else was offered to replace them. I don’t have much time for TV viewing anyways so I haven’t struggled very much for a replacement.

Now that garden season is upon us, I terribly miss the old garden shows that I use to enjoy so much. This week, much to my pleasure, I found that YouTube offers some awesome videos taken by gardeners themselves. I like these so very much more than any TV show I ever saw. TV had money, editing, and professional camera men who filmed professional actresses or hosts.

YouTube is another planet. It has everyday people filming whatever they think is important with whatever they have, sometimes their phone. The wind is not edited out, so you may miss parts of what they are saying. The camera has no track to move upon but instead bounces along with the camera person or stays in one place for a very long time. And don’t look for the end of season blooper show, the bloopers often remain in the film right where they happened. When I watched a man trip over baling twine and fall laughing into the garden, I laughed along with him as I have tripped and fallen myself.

I found these videos to be more like having a neighbor share their garden with you, their good days and bad, their mistakes, their ideas and problems. And that is much more what I have wanted than any show I saw on TV.

My favorite this week was Vivi’s Allotment Garden. Her year of videos are grouped together in one movie length version. What a wonderful opportunity to watch someones full year in their garden with all their troubles and accomplishments.

Vivi’s Allotment

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