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This is one of those times when I blog simply to update everyone. It feels a bit lame to not include pictures and links.

End of year brings responsibilities like inventory, accounting, and the like. It takes up time. At the same time, it also brings a season of quiet thoughtfulness. And it is in this state of mind, that I give birth to my best designs. I think it’s because winter brings an amount of silence, at least here in Northern Vermont, it feels like hibernation from the outside world, at least for me. I tend to be more focused on the sketch paper in front of me and the fabric in my hands.

So January has been very busy designing for 2018. There is a new line of aprons coming. They are off the drawing board, patterns made, samples crafted and not least important, they have survived the washing machine test. (Not all new wonderful designs do). We have acquired the supplies we choose. Now the entire line sits on dress forms, while we craft out a photo-shoot.

We also have a plan to add accessories back to the website. Dishtowels are coming back; floursack and a new vintage replica. And we have ironing board covers and pads and a new tote bag or two. We will make an announcement when the Kitchen Accessories page goes live.

While this work moves forward, our social media has suffered and the winter quiet reflects on our media venues. It’s not intentional. Soon we will be in the aftermath of photoshoots and then pictures and products will appear. And then we can show you what we have been working on and hopefully it will be things you never knew you wanted.


“Winter is beautiful but even more wonderful because it brings in Spring”

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