Reporting.. The Hippy Apron

Sometimes I forget that the main reason for our blog here is to report news and product changes. It’s not the funner (is that a word?) reason we do this. But we set this blog up to share news and customers do come here for that reason. Thank you! And there’s a lot lately so I will try to do better.

We are trying to move more and more styles to No Tie. There are those customers who still want an apron to wrap around them securely while they work. (And new things for them are in the works). But more and more customers want a comfortable style that they can wear all day and hardly notice it’s on. We will make whatever style you all would like. We’re good that way!

So the Hippy Apron has quietly crept over into the No Tie Area. We added the hardware to allow the straps to cross in the back and also they are adjustable. Yes! You can adjust the shoulder length in the same way you adjust a bra strap. Then use the waist ties to tie in back or front as loose or tight as you prefer. From the front, the straps still look like they tie behind the neck but they no longer do.

You can see the straps and hardware on this picture below.

Here is another picture that shows cross straps with hair in the way….:).. actually I like the flow of the apron in this picture better.

All of our Hippy Aprons will be made this way from now on. If you have any feedback, please let us know. Our hope is that our Hippy Apron customers will be even more comfortable from now on.

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