Carpet Bags

   Long ago and not far away, a woman (me) started a business for supplemental income. It turned out to be a pretty good business and served its purpose. The main item was a Carpet Bag she had designed for herself to get her thru college. It had a padded strap for comfort sewn all the way down the bag to take the weight of textbooks. It was tall enough to include a thermos of hot coffee. It had a heavy metal zipper to contain contents. It had light colored lining, which enabled inside search for items. And most importantly, it was machine wash and dry to ever stay clean and fresh. The Carpet Bags were the focus of her business and she sold them craft show to craft show all around New England. Then she got bored (actually she missed dressmaking and design) and needed to expand her design work. Spreading her wings a bit and using apron patterns that she created long before this, she made some aprons using some really fun fabric that had attracted her. The aprons sold out at the next craft show. They sold out again at the next one and this led to the birth of The Vermont Apron Company.

   But whatever happened to the Carpet Bags? Well, they have long ago taken a back seat to the aprons. Customers who remember them inquire now and then and thus quietly and uneventfully, the carpet bags have remained for sale for those faithful lovers of the Carpet Bags.

   But why should they remain in the past and not move forward as well? Why should they remain in the quiet background of the Apron Company? This is what those faithful followers ask.

   So, we have made a decision.

   For the time being, we are offering the Carpet Bags their own place on the Vermont Apron Company website. We are offering them a chance to show themselves off and find new relationships. So we invite you to view The Carpet Bags and let us know what you think. How they move forward will depend entirely on customer response.


Carpet Bag by The Vermont Apron Company


    And in this spirit, we move forward another step. Handbags were the sidekick item to Carpet Bags. We have uploaded some Handbags to offer them a chance as well.

Handbags by The Vermont Apron Company

We invite you to check out their new page.


As always, please let us know what you think.


Susannah Allen

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