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This is one of my favorite designs. I just love it. I love looking at it. I love wearing it. It feels graceful and soft. And what I have learned, as it was pointed out to me recently, is how I rarely design in straight lines. I never thought about it but when I look over what I do, I suppose it’s true. And I agree that I love drape. I love shape. I love fabric to flow soft around the body. This design of mine represents all those features. No wonder it is my favorite. And interesting that the only thing linear about it is the pocket.




The design is a year old I think? I suppose I could check were I not so comfy here with my coffee and comfy chair writing. But what I want to say is that once I live with a design for a year or so, I start to feel a need to see if it can move and play into other forms.

Movement and direction comes from two sources; our customer response and my own. Customers have welcomed this apron. They have brought it into the folds of our regular collection. For me? I have been watching it since it was first photographed and envisioning what else it might do. I imagine what other personalities it might take on, what other faces it may show us.

From customer response, it should have adjustable criss cross straps. Criss cross straps are sort of the final frontier of perfect apron fit. And I do think customers are becoming more sophisticated in their own understanding of what they need and expect from an apron.

For design play, I want the bodice ruffle to remain and to remain nonadjustable. I want the shape to be set. I also want to add more drape to the sides, allowing a bit more of a 40’s shape and compliment body shape. I think twill tape to the inside waist would be a good choice for additional stability.


I’d love to see this in a longer more dramatic length especially with the wider sides. Also a shorter version would be playful and a better fit for everyday kitchen wear. And as customers have asked for shorter versions, I think this would be a good choice of design for that. It would work well over jeans and a tee and be a pretty look. Length can create such a different personality to the apron.


I think it’s also time to try this in a pretty linen. The cut will definitely work with the soft movement of linen. And possibly soft satin with ribbon ties for a Wedding apron? I haven’t played in that collection for awhile. I love new design work.  I love creating new personalities for designs as well. It’s like finding out just how far a design can go and what it can become. It’s always surprising.

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