The Awesomeness of Design Detail

Moving to the next apron design is driven by a number of factors. Oh sure there is pure organic inspiration. Although this is typically my favorite method, it can bring remarks from coworkers of “Seriously?” “You are kidding right?” I remain undaunted amongst them as there are other times when coworkers response with “Wow, why weren’t we doing that years ago?”…Oh sure, it’s not enough I came up with it, but now I should have come up with it years ago.. I love the input from those around me. It keeps me in focus.

Other times, designs formulate over the course of customer feedback. Feedback is incredible, beloved, needed, we thrive on it. After all, we are here to serve you, the customer. I can create all the unusual aprons I want to wear in my life but in order to maintain Vermont Apron Company, I have to create designs the customer will wear. We don’t always agree but then I am thrilled to have this job and my job’s focus is all of you.

We have come up with a new half apron. The world is already filled with them, but here is where I am at. Half Aprons usually have a standard waistband and ties. If you are thin, you may not share this problem. Plus size people will notice that when you bend, stand and move about, no matter how you tied the waistband, it will tighten, loosen and move. We identified this as a problem to solve. (We love finding solutions, it’s like a good puzzle.)

Instead of a traditional waistband, we tried an elastic casing. The first thing that happens is that elastic casing rolls… even with non roll elastic. A waistband rolling up and down during wear isn’t going to work. The trick here is that we aren’t solving for a dress form or a standing model. We are solving for the mom of 5 running around, or the gardener working in the garden for hours,…well, you get the picture. Any apron can serve you for 5 minutes but we like to create aprons that will go through the day with you.

So we added a ruffled casing. I know some people do not like anything ruffled. One customer referred to our classic ruffled pocket as “The Dreaded Ruffled Pocket”…LMAO…I dont know why that’s so hilarious to me but it is and due to her we added our flat pocket option. Our feeling is that if one person speaks up, then there has to be many more. So we give her credit for our new option.

The ruffled casing allows the elastic to stay where you want it. That’s important as some of you want an apron on the waist and others wear it down on their hip. We are good with either. But we want you to be able to work in it and have it stay where you want it.

So we also added the belt loops. Now when you tie in front, place the ties thru the belt loops and the waist ties won’t ride up separate from the apron. The apron body hangs loosely in folds so we added a flat pocket. It’s important that hands can glide in and out easily when reaching for your things.

Here are the pictures.

We are offering the apron in three sizes. The elastic waist allows it to be flexible in fit. But we also know that even that has limitations. We want the apron to be as gathered and fit the same on all shapes. To there are three size choices so everyone is covered.

Tied in front through belt loops. Wear it on your waist or on your hips.

We think this is a good everyday, household apron. Made from denim, it is tough enough to keep up with you, pockets are big enough to carry your things and comfortable enough to help you and not hinder your ability to move in it.

The back view when ties in back.
This is not a casing of twill ties, it is an elastic waist with twill ties attached.

Tie it in front or back. Wear it high or low. Toss it into the wash and wear it again tomorrow.

Let us know what you think! We love hearing your feedback!

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