Flour Sack Dishtowels

I have searched for towels. I have tried waffle to linen and back again. I have washed, tested, soiled, played in mud and quite frankly nothing impressed me very much. I always ended up back to paper towels.

Some towels look great hanging in the kitchen. And in the beginning, I had thought to buy a towel that we could add decorations to spruce it up. I loved the idea of adding trims and fabric ends. Flour Sack Towels seemed like a good choice for that purpose. But as I tested, I learned about towels. Some are great at drying things but don’t wash well. Some don’t absorb anything and I wonder how they are even considered a towel at all. Some are very pretty lining baskets and helping to set a table.

As I tested towels, I grew to want more. I wanted a towel to absorb like a paper towel. I also wanted it to take a strong washing to remove stains. I wanted to be able to soak up a muddy counter from washing veggies and be able to wring it out and keep working.

I found these flour sack towels last spring. I have beat the crap out of them as much as I could. I have handed them out to friends who are very busy in the kitchen for their response. Everyone was impressed. Everyone said “This is the towel.”

So off we go into the land of dishtowels to see how well they sell. And it promises to be fun taking pictures of drying vegetables, dishes, wiping counters and tables. Maybe we can have a picnic outside showing them off serving food and as napkins and placemats. We’ll see.

We are starting in Autumn colors. White Flour Sack Towels will be in soon and will be added to the collection.


Flour Sack Towels

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