Lets talk Gathering Aprons

Over the course of our business, we have designed two styles of Gathering Aprons. Although they are both considered Gathering Aprons, they are distinctively different.

Our first one entitled, Gathering Apron, is essentially a single, large drawstring bag attached to a waistband. The bag opens and closes at your will. It is one contained space inside, the same as any bag would be one space inside. Its drawstring allows you to tie it up in ways that alter the amount of opening at the top. You can keep it quite gathered and merely slip your hand inside. You can also tie it up using the middle loop and leave the bag quite open as you fill it with contents. Either way, when you untie it, the contents will spill out easily onto whatever surface or container you choose. It’s perfect when you head out picking a big bag of veggies and need both hands free. It also works well for those carrying a knitting project or other things otherwise toted in a large bag.

Our other Gathering Apron is entitled, Ruffled Gathering Apron. It is not an adjustable single space. It is essentially a 30″ or 40″ wide ( depending on size) 12″ deep triple sectioned Pocket that stays stable against your body. This is for the person who needs three distinct pockets to carry a number of things and keep them separate. As the 3 pockets are separate spaces, you can carry a collection of clean or dirty things and they wont interact. Maybe you have a notebook, pen and cell in one pocket, a garden trough and dirty gloves in another and asparagus you just picked in the third.

This apron is flat in the back and the front has twice the fabric gathered on elastic. This allows each pocket to lay stable and flat against you but also expand to twice its size with out losing contents as you move and work.

We make both in assorted fabric. Linen looks lovely. It just does. Homespun is basically dish towel fabric that will accept mud, water, dirt, and whatever else and be fine after the wash. Denim is for the hardest work. The fabric will wash well but support more weight, tools and heavy work days.

When picking an apron, remember, you will be attracted to what you like, but also consider what you need it to do. It should be your best friend out there. You first purchase an apron for the help that it provides.

Here is the Ruffled Gathering Apron with 3 separate stable pockets that expand.

Ruffled Gathering Apron in Colonial Blue Homespun

Here is our Gathering Apron that we designed years ago. It is one space with a drawstring opening. The drawstring allow you to choose the top opening and allows the bag to completely open in order to dump contents out.

Gathering Apron in Cotton Homespun by The Vermont Apron Company

I hope this helps define the differences between our designs. Here is the link to our page devoted to our assortment of Gathering Aprons.



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