Categorically Speaking

The website is being altered bit by bit, you may or may not notice. Although we planned a slight design upgrade, we also had some work to do for regarding the categories on the top link bar. We have been devoted to online only for awhile now and have learned what you want in this venue as compared to others. So we are making changes accordingly.

Sales vary amazingly amongst venues. It still puzzles me. The items that sold most in the store, in a craft tent versus online are all vastly different. We had a rack of Reversible Flat Panel Aprons in the store with a minimum of 40 in stock all the time to keep up with sales. We have never sold even one online. Mens print aprons were a good chunk of store sales but online, the Barn Apron is King. Gathered Bib Aprons are kind of up for grabs. They have a weird rollercoaster of sales all their own in all places.

So we have changed things up for you.  We want to eliminate what you aren’t interested in and expand in what you are. Half Aprons, being another apron that never sells online, are gone. Men’s print aprons are gone, Men’s homespun is about to leave but the Barn Apron is expanding to a collection. We kept the Bonnets that sell a lot and will add more Prairie Bonnets in our Denims and other Homespun Colors. No Tie Aprons get expanded.

Gathered Bib Aprons will get their own page for awhile to test. They are really on the fence. We get requests for a shorter version so we have replied. They require a print mix so we will have three combinations and see how they do.

And we need better photography. I think that bar will never stop raising. I never seem to hit a point where I sit back and think for more than a day or so, “Oh that’s perfect”.

Onward and Upward


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