Walters Apron, a No Tie Apron for Men

A gentleman wrote an email to me that began with the inquiry. “Why do only women get a No Tie Apron? Why can’t guys have one? It can’t be that difficult.” He wasn’t the only one, I received more inquiries that began the same. I was not only happy to respond but I really wanted to hear details, thoughts and their perceived apron needs. I sent back emails, I asked questions, opinions, and queried. I really, really enjoyed the ensuing conversations. From those conversations and messages, Walters Apron was born. (No idea how that name stuck in my head but there it is, Walters Apron.)

Walters Apron is crafted from 14 ounce denim, which is so heavy it’s like sewing sheets of cardboard together….. (just saying). It is a classic No Tie Apron cut in a shape more closely resembling mens bodies. It has adjustable buckles on the straps. Apparently men not only vary in belly size but also vary in shoulders, chest size, height and girth as much as women’s bodies vary. (I did not give this enough credit but do now.)

Walters Apron has deep pockets layered onto deep pockets. There are two elasticized towel loops, one on each side. The elasticized loop allows you to roughly pull out a towel and replace without yanking the loop off the body fabric. The elastic allows for movement and also holds it in place.

The apron is much longer then most offered on the market. We offer two lengths 42″ and 48″. It comes in sizes up to size 6x. (But we are happy to make larger if you email us). There is also a kick pleat in the front which makes sitting in the apron easier. (Thank you guys for telling us that its hard to sit in a long apron comfortably, we are happy to provide a solution to that.)

Here is a pictorial of Walters Apron in the heaviest denim available, now offered on our website. ……..and presently worn by and worked in by some very happy male customers.

The Pictorial Begins

Walters Apron Front View

The towel loop is made of soft twill tape that encases elastic. This allows the towel loop to have stretch as towels go in and out and will hold them in place.

Walters Apron Towel Loop

The back straps are wide. They sit nicely on the shoulder. They balance the entire apron so that you really can wear it all day and be comfortable. They have antique brass sliders that allow you to adjust the apron for height and fit.

Walters Apron Adjsuwtable No Tie Straps

This side image shows you that the apron covers you all around to the back. Towels loops keep the towels hanging at your side.

The cut and shape of the apron allows it to hang comfortably in place, never impeding your ability to move and work your way through the kitchen. An apron should help you work and keep you comfortable doing so.

So in response to our customers who requested a No Tie Apron for men…..”Yes, Dear Male Customers…. You, too, can have a No Tie Apron. Thank you for letting us know you wanted one!”

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