Update on our Website for Sewing Patterns

Here’s what I have learned so far about creating a website for sewing patterns.

The legal piece is larger than I ever imagined and this has caused our project to take months longer than I wanted. I wanted to be up and running 5 minutes after I came up with the idea. I’m a Make-a-decision-and-then-lets-do-it person. But there is a legal piece. Legal goes slow. It involves people that deal with processes that only go very, very… s  l  o  w….. That is the project’s bad thing. I have to succumb to the pace. There is no other way to get there. I tried.

On the other hand, there is a very good thing that has come about regarding the project. Some think it’s a fantastic thing. What is it? The proposed patterns are really, really good. Some argue that the better designs will be on the pattern site. (I don’t know that I agree with that, but we all have our opinions). Why? Well, when the head designer (me) began her career as a dressmaker/gown maker, left unrestrained, designs tend to be more lavish then the apron community calls for. In reality, these aprons did not sell well only because they ended up being too expensive for the apron market. On the other hand, the sewists may adore making these pieces for themselves.  So when our pattern website goes live, some of the patterns are pretty darn awesome.

In the meantime I must be patient and therefore I ask yours as well.

In the meantime, please know that a few dozen patterns are having instructions written for them, photos being taken, legal things happening and all in all, things are moving along. And know that we will not be selling patterns to aprons that are offered on Vermont Apron Company’s website. (per legal thingy) .. But we are going to offer patterns that Vermont Apron Company use to sell, never sold and the apron designs that were too lavish for the apron market.Vermont Apron Company and Make an Apron will be two separate but related businesses. And personally, if sewists buy our apron patterns, I will be inspired to create more designs specifically for the pattern market. Creating pattern designs where I don’t have to worry about suppliers or production, well that just brings out the dressmaker in me and I am delightfully looking forward to having so much fun.

As soon as we have even a couple patterns ready for sale, we will go live and add more as they are ready.

We will keep those waiting updated. You can sign up for notifications on the new websites landing page. www.makeanapron.com


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