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    1. Hello,
      We are waiting on registrations. As soon as I have even one, it will open and we will add them as the patterns are available. Its taken forever but then there is only me working on this and not a team so its gone slow as molasses but we are near there.

      Thank you

  1. It’s only been three months since this post was written, but the link leads me to an opportunity to buy the domain name. I’m sad, as I would have loved to use your site and resources. Hopefully the issues you have described can be resolved soon, so that we can all enjoy the fruit of your hard work…

    1. Thank you for letting me know. I fixed the link. And we are moving forward on the back end. I even had to take a course in digital pattern making. This is taking way, way longer then I wanted but it’s also going to be bigger and better than we first thought as well. AND WAY FUN!! Thank you again!

        1. We expect to be live Nov.1st. This has been such a long journey, I was so naive when we started…:)On the other hand, the learning curve has made it so that once we are live, new patterns will go up every few weeks. And its going to be a blast for me as I adore designing….:)

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