Linen Apron

Any history on Aprons that I read, always begins with linen. It seems that linen was the first fabric used and I find it curious that somehow in todays culture it is largely ignored. No one I know has a linen Apron, this exclusion makes me curious as to how it got left behind.

Unable to quiet myself on the subject, I bought a bolt of it. I thought I would get to know this centuries old fabric, that had served as such a staple of my ancestral grandmothers. I wondered what relationship I might build. Maybe I would find out very quickly why it could get left behind….. or not.

Ancestors would not have handled it delicately, everything was scrubbed and dried. I unrolled all 15 yards onto the floor, cut it into 3 hunks and stuffed it unceremoniously into the washer on hot. Then crumbled and wet, it was stuffed into a hot dryer.

What came out of that dryer, well, I fell in love. It was soft, crumply, and had a wonderful drape that begged for Mary. (my dress form). I got out my big dressmaker pins and huge dressmaker shears and played. I played for hours. It takes shapes that you want and drapes where you want. How this wondrous fabric was ever eliminated is beyond my understanding.

VERMONT APRON COMPANY 081I stitched, gathered and pleated, and bound.

VERMONT APRON COMPANY 067I pleated and draped on the bias. (for an apron?) yes…:)

And while I was out of the box and feeling free creatively as I made friends with this awesome amazing new studio partner, how could I possible make a straight hem? Surely we will not be so confined! …at least not today.

VERMONT APRON COMPANY 077My heart is captured, linen is my new muse….. and the place I put the really cool buttons that I bought before I new where I would be putting them. Thankfully I found I owned lime embroidery thread.

VERMONT APRON COMPANY 090This will always be my favorite linen apron. Because this is where we met and fell in love. This is where a new romance started. I hope it sells well because I really, really want to go buy linen in some of the gorgeous colors they offer. I am in love. My next pieces are going to incorporate my other secondary loves; lace, ribbons, machine quilting, and vintage pieces. I love new relationships when love is fresh, free and creative. It’s like fresh air into your soul.

Oh, and if you want to buy this, go here

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