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  1. I would love to purchase this apron or a pattern for it if you ever bring it back! The cut is just beautiful. Lovely work for a lovely fabric.

  2. The demise of linen was political, deliberately instituted to favor cotton in the US over British linen. As cotton gained ascendancy and the old equipment broke down, the long, lovely linen fibers were cut short in order to make use of plentiful and cheap cotton manufacturing machinery. That is why historical linen fabrics and lace are far superior esp. re: fineness to modern… flax can have an 8 foot long staple! Flax is also stronger when wet than dry, so it loves laundering and discolors when left unwashed too long. Flax does not readily accept dyes, hence it is commonly available only in natural, bleached and muted colors.

    Thanks for this post! The construction of this apron is very simple and elegant, just controlling the gathering of a simple square with pleats under the ties.

    I would think a pattern (for a home sewer wanting to try their hand) would not be necessary if one were to study the photos and spend a little thought. The crucial measurement would be across the bust points…

    1. Thanks. I always loved Linen. Ive always liked apron patterns that do not stress the neck but distributes the weight over the shoulders. It is a lovely pattern, though.
      I grew up in Denmark in the 40’es and didn’t realize that my very old-fashioned mother( she was raised by her great grandmother , 83, after her mother died when she was 5) always insisted I wore an apron: I found out years later that in school they called me : “The girl with the aprons.” I had one for everyday of the week. I hated some days!!
      Oh well! It is fun to experiment. I learned to make my old custom patterns when I was 13 and have been making leather garments amongst other challenges. Aprons are fun!

  3. Your passion for what you do comes through so vividly in your writing. It makes me want some of what you’re having and builds an excitement for what you’ve made!

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