Making a new Denim Apron.

It occurs to me that if I can make this Apron with 45″ wide fabric, then 60″ should allow me to achieve something with a more dramatic flounce, longer skirt and with any hope, additional awesomeness.



Making it from denim means that the ruffled top will not ruffle as delicately as I would want from a 6 ounce fabric. I need to redesign the bodice top. Maybe pin tucks? Gather into a binding?…. still thinking…. Also, redesigning a look more befitting soft denim would be appropriate here. Just thinking out loud on a blog post. I see this new design as a tough Apron that will also provide a prettier version of what a denim Apron can be. Results soon to be photographed and shared as soon as my brain stops running in a thousand directions with all the possibilities.

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