Where the heck is the Blue Denim?

IMG_0555 c

Our Blue Denim has been on vacation from the studio, not really, our supplier suddenly had a bump in its path and we went without Blue Denim for a few months. Oh sure, we had black Denim and with whimsy and hope, we tried a new light blue Denim. Customers actually embraced the light blue version. We included it in the photoshoot and it did ok.

But we always miss our first true love, long before light blue, long before black, our very first step into the world of Denim was Regular Blue, and its absence was felt in our hearts. Maybe it’s because we all wear jeans and jeans are mostly blue, maybe medium blue is the color of the sky just after dusk and just before dawn.  Not really but doesn’t that sound romantic?

Originally offered in one apron, blue Denim grew into all our favorite sellers. It eventually embraced a number of the apron styles that we sell. Suddenly there was none. It left a big hole in the studio. It left products with “Sorry we can’t sell this right now” signs on the website. But patience got us through. Doesn’t patience always get us through?

And now its back…in No Tie Aprons…


Vermont Apron Company No Tie Denim Apron


…..in Gathering Bags…..


VErmont Apron Company Gathering Apron



…in Bib Gathering Bags….


Gathering Bag Apron with bib top for heavy loads


…and in Hippy Aprons….


Navy Denim Hippy Apron by The Vermont Apron Company


Now we can relax and feel peace that everything is in its proper place. Just like a kitchen doesn’t run properly when all the kitchen chairs are missing, our studio felt the gaping hole when Blue Denim was missing. Thank you Mr. UPS man for filling our gap today.

Now to fill the orders for those die-hard customers, who when asked, ” Can I offer it in Light Blue?”….no thank you…. “Can I offer it in Black?”…. no thank you….. “But it may be months before it’s in”….. that’s ok, I’ll wait….It’s ok, we love it, too.

Patience and understanding, it really does make the world go round.




  2 comments for “Where the heck is the Blue Denim?

  1. Jennifer walthall
    August 21, 2016 at 12:44 am

    Love this and have visited before. I was waiting for the full figure size. Know there’s a back order. How soon do I wait?

    • August 21, 2016 at 10:48 am

      The denim has arrived and we have filled back orders, the denim No Tie aprons even have size and length options now and THe Full Size Hippy Apron will be up by months end. Thanks for checking!

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