I know a lot of you have asked for patterns. We have confirmed that we are, in fact, planning to offer a second website with patterns in a digital download format. (not our current patterns but the dozens of unmarketed designs and previous designs). I just wanted to post an update. We have started the writing process. We are working on legalities. We are working on design, logo, etc.

I think this will be funner (is that a word?) than I first thought. I love to design. I love making sketches of ideas. Carrying out those ideas for a retail online store is one road. It involves testing, sourcing fabric, finding labor, and hoping that it is an idea that customers want to purchase. The finished apron has to meet somewhere within the customers expectations.

I now realize that a pattern company is a very different road for me. A pattern company is fun in that I can create an idea, write directions, formulate a digital download and upload it. I can digitize my designs of aprons that I know would be to expensive to market, too dramatic to market or just plain wacky. Once its uploaded, you can buy it or not. Maybe you’ll like it or maybe not. But I had the experience of making a really awesome design without having to worry about marketing and sourcing. So although this plan began with only our previous designs, I now see this new road as a place for me to spread my design wings and create designs that would never have made it off the cutting table to the online market.

I wanted to let you know that the plan is moving forward on all levels. I can’t say yet when we will be live as for now the plan involves the work of others who are now taking part in this creation.  But I can say that going live will happen as soon as it can and that we are moving forward as fast as we can. We will keep you updated.

This is going to be funner than I first thought.

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