Photoshoot Fun

I wondered if you might want to see what goes on in the background of one of our photoshoots, I thought it would be fun to share a bit of our experience. Here’s a fun look behind the scenes.

When you like to photograph outside, this means our glamorous models are often getting dressed out of the back of a car in a muddy parking lot at the forest edge. And, I might add, asked to wear a gown that the designer made the previous afternoon in two hours from a texted guesstimated set of measurements and never fitted before meeting at the designated location. I think this is called, bravely throwing caution to the wind. Great fit! Isn’t it?

Then when you can’t find the white shoes you thought you had, you realize that the designer’s Freebird boots would look even more awesome anyways. And they do! So you take the shots.

Except you realize afterwards that the great pictures you just took, include the stool….???… Why is the stool there? So you move it and reshoot everything.

When you photograph in a public place, you have, well, the public. On this day, we had a young man scouting for Chrysalis. He found one and we took time to celebrate his moment with him and his mom. He wanted us to see. It was an important moment to him and it was amazing to be a part of it. We were honored to be a part of his find.

We also had a little girl who was thrilled with our presence and wanted to approach the model and touch her gown but she was too shy to leave Moms side. Upon our invitation, Mom approached with her….slowly…..trying to dissolve her stress. We did our part and were as friendly as we could be. We coaxed, reassured, but nope. She got closer and closer but shyness would prevail. In the end, we failed. 15 minutes of our day, doing our very best and we failed. She walked off with Mom never having touched the gown. Oh well, but with the other child we saw a newborn butterfly!!! And he was thrilled to tell us all about it! Life has its ups and downs doesn’t it?

Then you have the shot interrupted as the model finds a handwritten note on a leaf. I set the camera down… Really? A hand written note on a leaf??

Someone found romance, so much so that they wanted to share it with all the strangers who walked by….*sniff, sniff* romantic!!!…..Congratulations to you both!!

Moments when the glamorous model is tired, bored and would rather be napping at home…probably with a lovely glass of wine and a fine cheese.

Those moments when you asked yourself, “We got the model up there and got a great picture…..but can we get her down safely without ripping the gown and veil?”..and how many leaves are now stuck to the veil?

Here’s when the photographer realizes she has a great shot but no skills regarding lighting…

When the model is on the phone…and laughing hilariously at its content…

When the glamorous model is proud of her newly acquired expertise in carrying photography equipment and floral displays all the while keeping her gown and veil pristine while walking and climbing through ruins and a muddy forest. Let’s give her a much deserve hand folks! ..*CLAP, CLAP, CLAP*….awesome job!!!

Thanks for sharing our fun!

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