When we do a photoshoot here in the country, rural landscape brings both its rewards and challenges….for instance, our recent shoot had a Rooster that ran around crowing loudly for us to leave.

Then there was the dog that must be chained and sat as close as she could per leash and seem to stare intently at us.

Then there was Roscoe….who greeted us with unbridled enthusiasm.

Roscoe was very interested in what we were doing.

He seemed to be hanging out in every shot.

Roscoe was politely asked to leave.


and again….

and again….

He always left to then stand on the sidelines, seemingly expecting that his turn would come up soon. His enthusiasm unscathed.

His patience and happy smile bordered every shot

At one point, I caught this intense look on his face as he watched the model and creative director work. I had to give him credit for Roscoe was not just watching. Roscoe was learning from us all.


Roscoe learned that you don’t sneak your head in from the side and wait for an invitation. You just have to go for it. Step into the shot, pose very still for the photographer, and most importantly, stand in front of anyone else. And the moment will be yours.


Roscoe did it beautifully, making himself the focus of the shot. (Notice he even has one foot more forward than the other, just like the model. Also, note that he is seated just inside the edge of dappled shade just like the model)..You rock, Roscoe! We wish you well in your new modeling career!


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