Roots Too Farm

I love taking pictures on a farm. I love the outdoors, the plants, the sky and the buildings. It’s all so rich with textures and patterns and life growing under the sun. It’s such a playground of photographic backdrops.


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Today we had the pleasure of shooting at Roots Too Farm. Somehow the weather was perfect. Great big full sun held back behind a delicate layer of connected white clouds. It was perfect light as if the weather knew what we needed. And for that we were thankful.


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Our exploration of the barns showed us wonderful and intriguing textures that only develop through the honor of their aged strength.


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Vintage barn boards pair so well with old stone walls. They stand as two old friends that have stood by each other through hundreds of years, against all the elements and also the plants that hope to devour them.


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Old farm buildings age gracefully, rich with family, life, and love passed down through generations and emit a true romantic rural lifestyle.  Their strength remains after 100 years, still providing cover and home to the families and animals that live beneath their roofs.


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What I admire most about farms is that they’re deeply filled with life; new animals, plants, vegetables, herbs, flowers and families. So very much grows here.

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My favorites will always be the armloads of flowers that can fill a home all summer and the sunflowers that reach for the sunshine and make teepees with their stalks in fall.

We were blessed to spend the morning photographing aprons here.

If you are local to our area in Vermont, please visit their Facebook page to learn about their Farmstand and the markets where they are found as vendors.

Thank you Roots Too Farm

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