Dog Mountain

One of the magical places I know is Dog Mountain. Home of Stephan Huneck’s Gallery and dog park. The mountain is devoted to dogs. Not a park for people where the theme is dogs. It is FOR dogs….but people can come, too. The signs in the ponds clearly state, Dog swimming only. There are tennis balls everywhere. People may throw them for the dogs and people may also sit in chairs along side the pond, just don’t go in. The see-saw and gym is also FOR dogs, not you, please.

Swimming at Dog Mountain

The hiking trails are for dogs to explore the woods, again, people may go with their dogs on these treks. Although expect less attention from your dog, as he/she will be playing and romping with new just-made friends.

Please visit the Gallery, you will find water and treats for dogs in inside.

Dog Mountain Gallery Also please visit the church next door. It will move your heart.

Dog Mountain Church

If you believe dogs need to be on a leash at all times and tied somewhere, you wont find that here. Dogs romp everywhere, on their own, making new friends of each other. Your eyes will be open to the innocent love and friendship that Dogs provide for us.

Running at Dog Mountain

Prairie romped in fields this morning at Dog Mountain.

Dog Mountain more fields to explore.

and in another field….

Dog Mountain field

..and in another. It’s a happy way to start the day.

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