Shopping Trends

How are people shopping? That is a question we study and watch for answers. And it’s pretty interesting as it is a changing, morphing moving target at all times. It’s like watching a group of people from a distance and asking yourself, what are they doing now? What are they about to do? And then we try to guess and provide what we think they want. Customer feedback is so valuable in these areas.

We have always grouped our Aprons by styles on our website. Each group was given their own page for easy shopping. We divided Aprons up by Hostess aprons, childrens, mens, gardening aprons, and so forth. But we noticed that we are getting more and more search inquiries for “Denim” “Linen“, etc.. and these are not styles but fabrics. Shopping trends are changing a bit.

So to meet the needs of our beloved customers, we have added an additional way to shop. There is now a set of links for fabrics on our top menu. You can now begin shopping by categories of Linen, Denim, Homespun, Satin or Lace and Cotton Prints. We have not eliminated any products but instead given them multiple places to reside on the website so that customers have multiple ways to search.

For us, it is fun to see these new collections grouped together. We have never seen our Denim aprons as a group. We never looked at denim as its own category. Now that we can see it all on one page, wow, we have a lot of denim choices, it seems. Homepsun also covers quite a lot of ground from Quilted Bib aprons to Gathering aprons. Linen has a few styles but will soon explode as colors are on their way and more upscale complicated designs are on the drawing board.

It’s fun that meeting a customer need brings us a fresh, new perspective as well.

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