The Wrap Apron

We love developing new apron designs. We come up with an idea, try it out by letting it go out to the customers, then we sit back and wait and see. When customers let us know they like it and it suits their needs, we add it to the permanent collection. As time passes, if the apron holds steady in sales and customers still show interest, we get to expand. This is what we did here with Our Wrap Apron.

Wrap Apron in Plus Size - Front View

That’s our Original Wrap Apron. We made it in homespun, which is the best kitchen fabric for aprons. It is as if we wrapped you in a big dish towel. We added one large front pocket with two big sections. We used twill tape and made it with No Tie adjustable lightweight straps. They adjust over the shoulder so you can determine the height and placement of your apron. Then there are twill tape waist ties. They are long enough to tie in front for a closer fit or in back for a loose flowing fit.

The Wrap Apron - Plus Size - Back view

Sales have been good. We are expanding the choices for this design. First, we have added the option of light blue homespun check. I think it offers a softer look then the traditional black and white homespun.

The Wrap Apron in Small Size - Front View

We are also adding the denim as a choice. Our customers work a lot and denim is their favorite work fabric. We now offer dark blue, navy and black.

The Wrap Apron in Denim - Front View

For this apron design, you want to order according to your chest size. And if you want roomier, order a size larger than your chest and allow the back panels to cross over each other. That will allow a wider body for a roomier fit.

The Wrap Apron in denim - front view

We hope you enjoy the new options and as always, please feel free to share your thoughts and feedback. It helps us grow.

Be safe and well.

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