Yard Sale Discoveries

Curious things happen when you have an online Yard Sale. I say curious because when having a yard sale you expect things to sell. Period. It’s the only thing you expect. We all know the process. We drag stuff out of closets and crevices and offer them up for sale. You offer below market prices and POOF! all those extra things are gone.

But unexpected things can happen.

For us, we uploaded aprons for sale and the first curious thing that happened was that every single Gathered Bib Apron sold within minutes or even seconds of being uploaded. With such variety of apron styles being offered, it was surprising that Gathered Bib aprons were sold immediately. On one hand, our company was founded on this design. It was our first marketed design and did well at craft shows, also did well in the retail store. When we moved to online, sales slowed and instead the No Ties Aprons took over.  It surprises us that of all the items listed on the Yard Sale, it was our original design, the Gathered Bib apron that sold immediately, every time we listed one….well, except one… the one with flat pockets.

That was funny as well. As much as some people say they would rather not have a ruffle to their pocket, the flat pocket aprons remain available for sale.

We have taken pause. I loved making Gathered Bib aprons. They require a mix of prints. I have fun with that. I miss that. The Sales on Yard Sale day have inspired me to give them a try again. They are being added to the “Coming Soon” list.


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