Gathering Bag Aprons add a new muted color.

The colors of homespun are subtle. If you stand far enough back, you struggle to note the differences. There are plaid and stripes and neither will shout at you from afar. They are muted and blend into the garden. This is ok with me.


Gathering Bag Apron red stripe 3


Homespun is wonderfully soft and drapey to wear. This is also good. You have to be comfortable in work clothes or you won’t live in them. Stiff fabric will work against you , not compliment you and the efforts you are making to get your jobs done.


Gathering Bag Apron in Brown Stripe 3


I also don’t think the garden is where we make our greatest fashion statement, although I could happily and enthusiastically climb onto that challenge. Most of us want to be comfortable in jeans and our favorite tee shirt. The apron is to help get the work done. Subtle prints works great.


Gathering Bag Aprons in the field


I am adding another color to our Gathering Bag Apron collection. It is a muted Olive Plaid. The muted tones sell best, so it makes sense to offer another one. Muted colors also hide more of the mud and dirt. Homespun looks great in the garden and outdoor work.


Gathering Bag Apron-Olive 2


It will keep up with you and work beautifully. And it’s always nice to have more choices.


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