Susannah Plays with Fabric

The worse thing anyone can do to me is provide me with a source of amazing fabric. (Ok, that isn’t exactly the worse thing you can do, but you know what I mean, lol). With incredible fabrics I lose all sense of myself. And even though I am committed to designing aprons for a living, I began my career at 15 as a dressmaker. That sense of myself comes out in heightened enthusiam when approached with bolts of the most simply gorgeous fabric in the whole wide world. Goodness, I can’t cope. My debit card comes out and I am a servant to the fibers that then fill my car or fill a large box for UPS delivery.

You will all be subjected to a new collection of Aprons that for no other good reason, should be entitled, Susannah Plays with Fabric, as that is exactly what has happened. No one sat around the table and said, “Hey let’s do Runway looks!” No one said, “Let’s make really, really Expensive Aprons!” And I already know that our financial wizard in the back room with all the pencils will probably feign heart failure at my latest endeavor.




Susannah really, really, really wants to play……


And she’s going to……


Even if no one buys anything off that page, it won’t matter as it’s going to be a really, really, really fun page devoted to fabric, design and photography.


Susannah wants to spread her wings…..


Let’s make that the theme for 2017, that’s sounds like a fun theme.



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