Dear Men…

We decided to pursue you. Men buy our Barn Apron. But we wondered what else you might want. We wondered what specific needs you had as compared to our female customer population. We asked you for input on our aprons. You were great at giving it and we loved the input. Here’s a sampling of your responses.

  • There has to be pockets, a lot of them and different size pockets. I have different types of stuff.
  • The top edge of the pocket always wears out.
  • I don’t do bows.
  • I don’t want to tie anything.
  • If the chest pocket is square, I hit my chin pulling something out. Nobody wants to punch themselves in the face.
  • Some day’s my belly is bigger than others.
  • I need long.
  • Where are the mens colors?
  • Why can’t the men have no ties?
  • When I’m working, I don’t want a knot at the back of my neck. It bugs me.
  • I don’t want it tight around me, anyway to make it loose?
  • Can it hang like my shirt?
  • It will go in the wash, right?
  • Can you make criss-cross back ties?
  • I want to be comfortable.
  • Does it have to be stiff and scratchy?
  • How long can you make it?


So here is what we came up with for you to try.

We found a heavyweight twill with a soft brushed feel to the front. Strong for you and soft for the woman who wants a hug. We added pockets within pockets to hold layers of stuff. We added a chest pocket with two entries to it. We added twill tape to the top edge of the pockets for extra coverage to withstand the traffic of a busy pocket.


Mens Barn Apron with adjustable back straps by The Vermont Apron Company


The waist ties have a buckle that easily locks together, yet keeping the length adjustable. The waist ties have a section that has elastic. So even when you buckle the ties tight, as you move there will be enough give that you will feel comfortable.

Mens Barn Apron with adjustable back straps for no ties.


The shoulder straps extend down the back and are adjustable. There is no neck tie.You can adjust these straps to your comfort and leave them there. So although the overall weight is strong and heavy, it hangs comfortably on your shoulders.


Mens Twill Apron by The Vermont Apron Company


We are proud of the details we created in this new apron.  It is offered in twill and denim. We also offer multiple sizes, now up to 6X.


Details on this apron make it a great everyday work apron


Machine wash and dry. Comfortable to wear. Let us know what you think.



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