Designing Our New Long Bib Apron

I am writing about our new design that we have named for lack of any other satisfying term, the Long Bib Apron.  We took the basic apron form and carved into the typical flat rectangle apron shape to create a waistline. We also widened the skirt all the way around so that it travels into the bias and beyond, thereby wrapping the back. Bias cut anything drapes magnificantly. We also eliminated the infamous gaping front bib by ruffling its top edge.


The Vermont Apron Company's new long bib apron is designed to fall gently in folds at the hip. It brings an elegant silhouette to the look of your apron.


There are no ruffled side pockets here, instead we added one large front pocket. This choice allows the skirt its freedom to drape in folds from the hip.  Crafted in denim and twill tape, it’s elegant shape is still well suited to messy work.The long front ties allow you to tuck in a towel for hand wiping. You are also covered very well.

By wrapping the apron around the back we accommodate our bum wipers. You know, those of you who tell me that you constantly wipe your hands on the butt area of your pants; as compared to the belly wipers and pant leg wipers. This is why we have aprons. With an apron, you can wipe your hands anywhere that you are covered and remain focused on the work.


The Vermont Apron Company's new Long Bib Apron in denim. The ruffled top stops the bib from gaping.


The photograph that we did not catch was the one that shows the back straps. We always hear you when you tell us that crossback straps are your preference rather than neck ties. In this design, they are even adjustable. You can see those in the next post.

Until then, we hope you enjoy this new design. I think the cut is prettier than a standard flat apron. I know you’ll look pretty wearing it.

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