Plus Size Women

I love them. I do. Not only am I one, but the entire process of designing for plus size challenges me and quite frankly, challenges are so satisfying and so much fun!

I am well aware that there is a grading system for enlarging patterns. I should design for a lovely size 8 and then grade up.  I will not rant about it here. I am fairly sure I have ranted a bunch of times on previous posts. I will say that Plus Size women do not need a neck hole the same size as their thigh, nor short sleeves that hang below their elbow. That’s how everything fits me. When I do find something that actually fits, I live in it.

I want Plus Size to look the same in one of our aprons as Regular size in the same garment. First crafting a design for regular size, I then hit the drawing board all over again for plus size. It’s a different planet. The rules are different. The shape is different, not just bigger. It may look the same in the end but its not, there are differences that help create the look of sameness.

The Hippy Apron begs for plus size, it’ll look great on larger women. And I have more than a few customers waiting.  I admit, it takes time, I have needed to clear a day as I can’t bring myself to just grade up the pattern.

The pattern needs to respect the shape of their bodies  I want my plus sizers to look gorgeous. It’s an entirely different body shape that deserves that respect. But now, we are well into the process and will soon have samples.

So, to those who are waiting, The Hippy Apron will be on the Plus Size page by month’s end. And it will honor the shape of our Plus Size customers in the same way it honors the shape of our Regular customers.  And we will feel very happy about that.

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