Making the right cut.

Just because a design works for one fabric doesn’t mean it will work for another.  I made a pattern that I want to make in denim. The denim is a bit heavier then quilting cotton.This means that ruffles and elastic gathers work differently. This means that I will be sent completely back to the drawing board to craft a new pattern. I am starting from scratch to get to the same end result as the cotton version.

Here’s my first attempt. I worried about the pointing bib edges.


The drape of the skirt was just what I wanted. Why I had a burning desire to work with twill tape, I have no idea but there it is.

I made various bibs, shorter ruffle, gathered more, gathered less…



My worse attempt looks tight and like someone who snarls a lot would wear it…..


I also tried cutting more of a curve, less of a curve, even straight line….


And since the bobbin ran out, I used a darker thread as it was only a sample and didn’t matter. I liked the darker thread. Definitely using the darker.


This is my last attempt and what I like best so far. It has a straight edge, a wide ruffle with slight gathers with dark thread topstitching.


Onward to a formal pattern and then samples to test.

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