Gardening Series # 10, Planting Seeds

Planting seeds, well, they have specific challenges to them, primarily it’s a visual issue. More specifically, if you don’t mark where you planted them, you don’t know where they are. At least I don’t. Seedlings are like mini trees. You plunk them into the ground and there they stand hollering “Here I am! Don’t hit me with the scuffle hoe!” But seeds lie beneath the soil, maybe they come up and maybe they don’t and send weeds instead.

Ready for planting seeds? A few rules help. First, the earth gives you stones, use them for your own good. They are earth’s free markers. Second, plan for your hoe. If its 5 inches wide, keep seed rows at least 6 inches apart. Those two thoughts in mind and you should be fine.

Making Trenches for seeds

I like to take my trowel and make a little row in the soil and sprinkle seed along it. Then I cover with soil and mark the beginning and end with a stone.   The marketplace has all sorts of lovely garden markers, but I did promise to keep this blog based on frugality so I embrace stones.

Making small rows of seeds

You could be clever and paint on the stones, the name of your seed. I did not get that clever this year but I am writing the idea in my book for next year. You do have a notebook for garden idea, don’t you? You should.

Pepper Blosson

Let me show off my first blossom, a pepper blossom.

Blossoming Chives

And chives are beginning to bloom.

Happy Gardening.

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