Labelless Aprons

Is labelless a word? I bet not. It has probably evolved from my skill of dissecting the english language. I tend to transform it into my very own, born out of a desperate attempt to find the perfect word to describe feelings that I fail to verbalize.

That aside, a fact awaits discusssion. Our Aprons are leaving the studio, nicely packaged, content label in place, but absent of a logo label. My partner says he can hear every founder of Harvard’s business school rolling over in their graves.

I know. I understand. I also understand that my a partner is also grinding his teeth at night at my lagging decision making in this area.

Creatively, I long for a label that is beautiful, noteworthy and delicate to represent our company. Alas, I have discovered an irony. I have learned that the beauty added to surround your business name, ironically takes the eye away from the business name.

Would the name SEARS be as noteworthy embraced with flowers and mountain caps?

The name, The Vermont Apron Company, also needs its own space I’m told. Although this information does nothing to stop my imagination from spiraling out of control with roses, ribbons and delicate patterns.

Here is what the new label is to be.

The Vermont Apron Company Label

We are all proud of it. Regarding the lack of pretty flowers and ribbons, I am told that designers never know when to quit anyways. I am also told that someone has to put their foot down and place an order to stop our labelless ways.


Update: It’s mid April and labels have been ordered and we await delivery from an awesome label maker.


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